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Jessi Smiles originally Jessica Vazquez was born in Miami, Florida, the United States on 17th August 1993. Jessie is a web-based social networking star and comedic video maker of Cuban-American cause.Buy Jessi Smiles Merch Here!

Jessi Smiles Merch

About Jessi Smiles Merch

Social media sensation Jessica Vazquez, also known online as Jessi Smiles, is of Cuban and American descent. She began as one of the original Viners who helped to popularize the service and rose to fame for her funny skits. Later, she relocated to YouTube, where she now posts vlogs, storytime videos, challenge videos, cosmetic tutorials, and more. 

In the web series “Epic Rap Battle of History,” she worked with numerous other YouTubers and took on the role of Joan of Arc in the episode “Miley Cyrus vs. Joan of Arc.” She is a singer-songwriter as well, and she has put out the tracks “What If I” and “Bitch, Please!” on iTunes and her YouTube page. Brands including Wendy’s, Boost Mobile, and American Eagle Outfitters have all promoted her. She took on her own persona.

Jessi Smiles Career

Jessi’s YouTube channel is named JessiSmiles and she posts storytime videos, Q&A videos, conspiracy theory videos and music videos, among others. She has also collaborated with many other YouTubers, such as KathleenLights, and portrayed Joan of Arc in the episode “Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc” of the web series Epic Rap Battles of History.

She is also a singer-songwriter and has released singles like “What If I” and “Bitch, Please!” on her YouTube channel and on iTunes. She occasionally collaborates with her brother Joey, releasing a music video titled “Learn To Love” on her channel. As of June 2019, she has over 902k subscribers on YouTube.

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